Grant App Time Line

grant calendar

The Hagan Opportunities grant calendar runs from September to April of the following year. The application process strives to be short and concise. Applications are due on November 1st; highly respected and talented area educators and non-profit professionals read, discuss and then make recommendations to the Foundation Board, who study the recommendations and make the final determination for the awards. The third week of December the awards will be announced and the recipients notified by phone. Others are notified by mail.

Each year the Hagan Foundation has been fortunate to award a total of approximately $450,000 since 2013. The total amount awarded is dependent upon the economy at year’s end. The instability of the economy causes the Foundation to discourage multiple year grant requests.

The Hagan Board strives to maintain the integrity of Hagan Foundation and all it stands for.  We entrust our recipients to carry forth the legacy of Dr. Hagan with pride and gratitude, and to continually energize and nurture the love for learning in each child.  How grateful we are to be able to entrust this generous opportunity for children into your hands.

All “CAN Doers” are invited to apply…for the kids!

3rd week in September: Kick-off of Opportunities Grant Year!
November 1: Applications Due
December 20: Awards Announced and grant awards mailed
April 1: Project Updates Due: One-page bulleted responses to summarize the progress of the project
3rd Thursday in April: Hagan Opportunities Reception for Award Recipients & Administrators
NW Culinary Institute @ Orlando’s
Spokane Community College