Grant Outline

Hagan Opportunities

2020 – 2021

In this most unusual of years, the Hagan Foundation reaches out to our Eastern Washington community of non-profits for ways to help you make an impact upon the teaching and learning for our bright and eager young ones…our future leaders.

COVID-19 and the recent devastation of our fires have unveiled the magnitude of unimagined needs for our community of children and families. As the Foundation looked upon our grant season of 2020-21, we were/are at a loss to even begin to identify how we might be able to reach out with our resources to be of assistance.

Previously, the framework of our Opportunities Grant awarded projects that were innovative, creative, with a potential to make systemic change in the delivery of learning for our young.
As we face the 2020-21 grant season, we realize that our previous grant guidelines may not be relevant as written.

The needs for you, the agencies and organizations, now seem to be so basic as to how to deliver and serve educational opportunities safely and effectively with the hopes that learning can be an outcome. The Foundation wants to help in an impactful, meaningful way to make a difference in your community for learning. How that might be remains unknown to us.

Thus, we ask you how we might help. Although the framework of our previous grants limited the projects to innovative and creative, outside the box, shoot for the moon kind-of-projects, we are looking to expand that box and let you tell us your needs through your grant application.However, the Foundation cannot, replace or supplant what the State or Federal governments should be funding—example, unfunded mandates, food, transportation, salaries for regular employees, etc.

The grant timelines will remain the same:

  • November 1st: Grants due
  • December 13-17: Awards announced, Checks mailed

We understand that many unforeseen, unbudgeted expenses have already been spent in preparation for the school year with perhaps more needs and wants left untouched. Although our funds are not awarded until the end of the calendar year, our intent is to offer assistance, renew and restore hope, energy, and support as you face the new year head on!

Your passionate dedication and tenacious work ethic for communities cannot be quantified. We all know that there was no college administration class to prepare you for this, but know that you’re gitting ‘er dun in a most successful way…for the children. Thank you thank you.

Amy Bragdon
Grant Coordinator