Application Guidelines

These guidelines will help direct you in the application process

    • Must be a 501 (c)(3) Public schools are exempt
    • Organization must reside in NE Washington Educational School District 101 boundaries
    • Quality of project must be visionary and impactful; have clear student learning objectives;
           be aligned to State learning standards
    • Project design must be bold, creative, engaging and evidence potential systemic changes and redesign;
           awards are made for ideas; equipment implements the ideas
    • Project budget must be researched to secure the “best buy”
    • Student assessments are clearly defined and relevant
    • The project enhances the Hagan mission, honors the legacy, evidences student growth,
            is a sound investment for the Foundation, and is sustainable
    • No employee salaries or individual scholarships
    • Support required from applicant’s administration and board
    • Applicant must submit a solicited Progress Report on April 1st and attend the Hagan Reception
           3rd Thursday in April, TBA
    • Acknowledge the Hagan Foundation when referencing the grant project
    • Mail TEN (10) copies of the completed application, stapled and three hole punched, no paper clips
    • Notification of award: Third week in December by phone
      • Send to:
    • Hagan Foundation
      26818 E Maddie Lane
      Newman Lake, WA 99025