Application Guidelines

These guidelines will help direct you in the application process

  • Applicant must be a 501 (c)(3) Public schools are exempt
  • Reside within Educational School District 101 boundaries
  • Support Dr. Hagan’s philosophies
  • Evidence innovation, creation, and thoughtful redesign of strategies to impact student learning and systemic change
  • State project objectives, evaluation, budget, projected student growth, and outcomes with clarity
  • Professional development encouraged
  • No employee salaries
  • Approval required from Administration/Board
  • Acknowledgement of the Hagan Foundation
  • Ten (10) copies of the completed application, stapled, three hole punched; mailed to the address on the application
  • DEADLINE: postmarked by NOVEMBER 1st
  • Award notification during the third week in December
  • Required: Completion of forms as requested; attendance at Hagan Reception


TWO YEAR GRANTSTwo year detailed budget projections with vendors.  Second year: submit alternative application due November 1st.
Number of awards dependent on economy.
ONE YEAR GRANTSThree categories for selection.
Detailed budget with vendors
Number of awards dependent on economy.
Up to $25,000
Up to $10,000
Up to $5,000