Application Guidelines

The intent of the Hagan Foundation is to offer opportunities to access resources and ignite the imagination, innovation, and energy of local Eastern Washington leaders who have a love and bounding energy for learning and who strive to share that love and energy with the many young minds that await the adventure.  The application form and process have been simplified to encourage busy and time-challenged leaders to renew, reenergize, and restore as they “shoot for the moon” for possibilities and hope!  The timeline below lists the minimal Foundation obligations with “accountability” measured only in attending the Reception and toasting to success! 

3rd week in September: Kick-off of Opportunities Grant Year!
November 1: Applications Due
December 20: Awards Announced and grant awards mailed
April 1: Project Updates Due: One-page bulleted responses to summarize the progress of the project
3rd Thursday in April: Hagan Opportunities Reception for Award Recipients & Administrators
NW Culinary Institute @ Orlando’s
Spokane Community College
  • Must be a 501 (c)(3) Public schools are exempt 
  • Schools may be public or private and from any level of education
  • Schools must reside within NE Washington Educational School District 101 boundaries.
  • Non-profit organizations must reside in Adams, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens and Whitman Counties of Eastern Washington.
  • Project quality and design must be visionary, impactful, bold, creative, engaging and evidence potential systemic changes or redesign. It must align with the Washington State Learning Standards with clear  student learning objectives and assessments that are measured and documented.
  • Key to Remember: The Opportunities Grant awards ideas, not equipment.  Submit your cutting-edge ideas and if equipment is needed to implement those ideas, of course, the equipment will be funded! Requesting ‘computers because you don’t have any’ will not get you a check in the mail!
  • Project budget must be researched to secure the “best buy”
  • The project must enhance the Hagan mission, honor the legacy, evidence student growth, is sustainable, and is a sound investment for the Foundation. Awards are not made to sustain a project, only to ignite an idea and give it life.
  • No employee salaries or individual scholarships
  • Support required from applicant’s administration and board of directors
  • Acknowledge the Hagan Foundation when referencing the grant project. The Foundation is not seeking public recognition.   They do wish, however, to acknowledge the special efforts by the leaders of the awarded organization who have sought outside resources to enhance the educational opportunities and experiences for their children—above and beyond what the community’s tax dollars may have afforded.
  • A complete application packet includes:
    • ELEVEN (11) copies of the completed application that are stapled, three hole punched, no paper clips
    • SIGNATURES from: 1) Project Lead(s);  2) CEO/ED/Administrator;   3) Board Member
  • One copy of IRS Letter of Determination for 501 ©(3)  (public schools are exempt)
  • Mail to: The Hagan Foundation, 26818 E Maddie Lane, Newman Lake, WA 99025
  • Postmark stamped by NOVEMBER 1st Digital stamps accepted only if postmark date stamp is included

Questions? Contact Amy Bragdon