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Hagan Opportunities

In 2013, the Hagan Opportunities grant program was established to serve regional schools and non-profit organizations whose mission is to serve our youth.

Cornelius E. Hagan, Jr., MD, was a long time resident of Spokane, living a rich and active life as a husband, Ear, Nose and Throat physician, active member of the Spokane and medical communities, a skier, a skilled pilot, and player on Wall Street.

In the 1990’s, he selected trusted professionals, who together built a foundation to promote education for our Spokane children. Awards were given to non-profits who could “do the most good with the least amount of money for the greatest number of people”—his core belief.

Upon his death in 2012 at the age of 101, the Board expanded his legacy to serve all Eastern Washington children. The Foundation now offers Hagan Opportunities, a grant for those who dream big, are energized by innovative, creative, and bold ideas, and are motivated by the excitment they can create for learning in the minds and lives of all children.

Applicants must reside in the boundaries of the Educational School District 101which services Spokane, Whitman, Adams, Lincoln, Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreille counties in Washington State and be of a 501 (c)(3) status. The proposed project must reflect those wishes of Dr. Hagan. The proposed project can be new or existing, however, the grant does not support the sustaining of a project. Serving children with the highest quality of instruction is prime; therefore, the grant supports professional development but does not provide employee salaries.

The application process strives to be short and concise. Applications are due on November 1st; highly respected and talented area educators and non-profit professionals read, discuss and then make recommendations to the Foundation Board, who studies the recommendations and then makes the final determination for the awards. The third week of December the awards will be announced and the recipients notified by phone. Others are notified by mail.

On April 1st, recipients are asked to complete an Informational Review—a progress report of the project.

The third Thursday in April is celebration time! Honoring Opportunities is a reception hosted by the Hagan Foundation to honor the current grant recipients who have dreamt big, been energized by innovation, creativity, bold ideas, and who have been motivated by the Hagan Foundation Grant. The evening provides a time to eat, relax, network, share ideas, brag a little, and return to their children reenergized refreshed, and proud of a job well done.

Each year the Hagan Foundation has been fortunate to award a total of approximately $450,000 since 2013. The total amount awarded is dependent upon the economy at year’s end. Two and three year grants have been awarded, however, three year grants have been discouraged because of the instability of the economy and the Foundation’s desire to award as many grants as possible every year.

The Hagan Board strives to maintain the integrity of Hagan Foundation and all it stands for. We entrust our recipients to carry forth the legacy of Dr. Hagan with pride and gratitude, and to continually energize and nurture the love for learning in each child. How grateful we are to be able to entrust this generous opportunity for children into your hands.